• I am 15, a freshman in high school, and I have seen cartoons, and read books that try to portray preteen life, and they are way off. But I remember middle school kinda like Pepper Ann. Lusting after that hot softmore, trying to servive first period science, only to go onto 2nd period Algebra, and hanging with my best friends. And while I did not talk to my reflection, I did confide in my cat. And they caricterize the people pretty well. Peppie is the every-girl, Nikki is the poetic one, Mylo is the eat-it-all-funky-dresser-always-there-for-his-buds person, Moose is the wierd little sister, the blond is the popular cheerleader, the twins are kinda athletic, and also popular, there is the hot 8th grader, and of course, lets not forget Pink Eye Pete.

    Anyway, Pepper Ann is one of the few cartoons I watch, with Future-ama, Simpsons, Famlyguy, Daria and South Park. Kudos to disney. The one show my 10 year old sis(Moose!) and I can watch without trying to kill each other for the remote.