• The Angry Beavers is everything one should expect of a silly, fun show: Likable, understandable characters, memorable slapstick humor and one-liners, and good plot lines (for the most part...) The show can take some getting used to, as it did for me, for people who are willing to give this masterpiece a good try but once you do, sit down and prepare to be fully entertained and laughing throughout the entire show.

    The basic premise is that two brothers, the hyper, overreacting Daggett and his calmer, more intelligent brother Norbert have left their home to fend for themselves in a forest full of a bunch of crazy characters, getting into hilarious situations and devising over-the-top plots for their own "personal gain", all the while trying to be a good brother and just plainly, do what beavers do. The show's originality of natural, yet unnatural animals and the unique style of humor is the core of the show. Norbert's talking about his younger brother behind his back and Daggett tries a dumb, but funny comeback, they may be flying all over the place, or they're trying in vain to outdo the other in such oddball competitions, like the infamous staring contest, you can help but be entertained.

    The story lines for each episode are for the most part, well thought out and taken up a step. Even the overly used ones. Most have some interesting twists that will usually happen throughout, especially when the beavers are competing, or on rare occasions, when Daggett gets the upper hand on his brother. Unfortunately, there have been those few episodes like "Stinky Toe" or "Sans-A-Pelt" that come along and just seem out of place or even worse, unentertaining, but they should be overlooked with amusing classics like "Beaver Fever" or "H2-Whoa!!"

    The voice acting is superb, funny when both the main actors worked at the same time. Nick's laid back and mature, perfect for Norb, while the powerful, loud, and in-you-face Richard suits Daggett like a glove. Their lines are executed perfectly, mostly found during their arguments, and will have you wondering whether these crazy rodents weren't indeed based on real brothers. Norb notes Dag's stupidity, Dag does a comeback, while Norb ends it with something like "Yeah, you need to order a new brain" or "When this is over, I'm selling you to science." Even their beaver slang and crazily mispronounced words are something special. Hard-core fans will be saying "spoothead" to their friends after having watching an episode.

    The show only has one short-coming. There are numerous inside jokes and culture references scattered throughout, and it can be very confusing for the younger crowd of like 5 or 6 sometimes, so most in this category tend to leave this one alone, unless they just live for cartoon animals, truly understand the humor, or want to see what Dag has done today. Once paid attention to enough, kids from 10 up should quickly find this a favorite.

    All in all, there is truly nothing wrong with this show, except it may not be someone's cup of tea. It delivers exactly what it promised: Good, clean fun. The characters, the antics, the animation, nothing short of amazing. Even with a hard established fan-base from young and old, Nickelodeon failed to realize this show's real potential, which led to it's bad time slots and ultimately, cancellation. Definitely worthy of everyone's attention and deserving a long overdue DVD/VHS release. Norb and Dag are a true comic duo.