• This is a wonderfully funny one-off spoof of all those impossibly cool sixties adventure shows, in which suave polo-neck clad heroes and girls in leather catsuits battle to outwit crazed villains with plans to take over the world. The bad guy in this is Lord Belvoir St Nash ("it's pronounced 'beaversnatch'") who wants to become part of the evil Consortium, which is taking over the world (of course) by brainwashing everyone into believing it is the 1960s.

    All the cast are great - Robert Harley as the smooth but dim Craig Sturdy, Morwenna Banks as the enigmatic Penny Gold, and Chris England as "the third one", Mike Stallion. The high-class gags come thick and fast - I particularly like the Thunderbirds reversal, using obviously fake hands for the close ups, and the Mysterons' answer machine message - and there are some top comedy brains at work here. The only disappointment is that they only did one of these.