• Stallone is back, but this movie is not a new Rocky as all Sly`s fans were expecting. The plot is good, also the screenplay, but Harlin - as an automobilistic races aficionado -looses his hand on this movie.Driven has goos camera angles, good editing but I thing it`s kind of repetitive when it starts to show one race after another... always the same sequence: 3 days before the race, some(good)dialogues and the race itself... all the way, `till the end. Sly is fine, but the movie has something overated... I don`t know if it is the computer effects or the jumped sequënce of cenes. Cristian deLa Fuente is a good actor too, but his Portuguese is awful (something like my english, as You can read) Well, I think that Sly will make a new Rocky only when he get another $950.000 (that`s how much costs Rocky I) and direct himself a movie.