• Warning: Spoilers

    I see good points and bad points in this movie. First the bad. Outsiders and people who don't know much about Formula One racing and their ilk might not get the lingo. (Trust me, I consider myself an outsider but know enough about racing to get drawn into the movie.) Outsiders probably will shun this movie and shut it off before it hits the end of the movie. It'll totally bounce off their brains. Probably why this movie got so poor movie reviews is because critics aren't racing fans. It has the edge, but perhaps it's that edge they don't like.

    Second, Gina Gershon (sp?) for some reason wasn't made for this role. She just totally sucked in it. She's been great in other movies like Bound and especially The Insider. But she's too snobby for her own good in this movie. She doesn't play the part of an a**hole very well. Sure she was an a**hole in The Insider but for some reason she pulled it off there.

    Third, some of the car accidents looked a tad overdone.

    Now for the good. The dvd is totally rad. 51 minutes of deleted scene's. With Stallone commenting. Who the hell can top that? This is a speed movie it'll catch you if your into that type of thing.

    Recognizing actors in here was fun to. Including the youngsters brother. Knew him straightway from Dead Poets Society. The enemy (for awhile :) played a Replacement Killer in The Replacement Killers. The actress who played Sophie looks alot like Jennifer Connelly. Not kidding. You compare them and you'd swear they were twins. :) Not that that's a bad thing.

    In the end, I like this movie enough to buy it. (haven't yet, but wait a few months and we'll see). Like I said before though...outsiders beware... racing might not be up to your stuff.


    Quality: 6/10 Entertainment: 10/10 Replayable: 9/10