• Driven was a very exciting movie. It was much better than I expected and I understood why Stallon was very proud of himself writing this movie. I was going to see The Mummy Returns, but then all my friends were saying Driven is alot better, so I ended up watching Driven with them (second time for them). I really didn't like the role of Gina G., but everything else was very nicely done ESPECIALLY racing/crashing scenes. They were just breathtaking. The movie starts out kind of slow, but it builds up toward the end and you get to know the characters alot better. Sure, every car racing movies have bad plots they say... But you can definitely watch this one for fun. If you like other racing movies like Gone in 60 Seconds, Days of Thunder, this one is a MUST-SEE. Gets 10 out of 10. Way to go Stallon!