• Hopeful that the New Italian Cinema produced another little gem in its 90's renaissance, went to see this motion picture with high expectations. While the costumes and indoor settings were marvelous, the rest was disappointing.

    Some of the dialogues made little sense, or were artificially forced on the actor's mouth. The acting didn't see spontaneous, and some of the characters just seemed to make little sense. Another big disappointment was the dubbing of dialogues that clearly didn't follow the actor's lips: listening to mono-tone reading of dialogue text, and watching the lips simply not sinchronized to the listened voice, just makes this movie a turn-off. This movie reminded me of some of the made-for-TV productions of RAI-TV that catered to a domestic forced-fed audience when RAI was the only TV station in the entire country twenty years ago, and the audience had no other choice but to watch the only show in town. In its defense, there were some interesting moments in the plot, like the slide show shown to the italian audience, of pictures of America. But at the end, this movie was like reading a book whose turn-paging incentive is to find out when things were finally happening, only to find out at the end that the climatic moment never happened. Very anti-climatic.