• I viewed The Best Man as a laserdisc, with Italian dialogue and English subtitles.

    The story is drenched in century-old Italian culture, which is of much intrinsic interest to me. Cinematography, costumes and sets were high quality, down to the matched horses pulling the carriages. The plot is basically a romantic comedy, with few surprises. The majority of the movie takes place on New Year's Eve, 1899. The movie's focus was on the cultural shift of those times, away from the 19th century tradition of `arranged' marriages. The central character, Francesca Babini, rebels at her parent's choice of an arranged spouse. Her parents pressure her to go through with the marriage and succeed only in creating a disaster. The ending is a triumph for the modern, 20th century view of romantic love. I would recommend this movie both for those interested in historical Italian culture, and those looking for a good `date' movie.

    I didn't see any profanity, nudity or violence that would merit the movie's `R' rating.