• I watched two hours of "The Sopranos" and felt I had seen enough redundancy to know the rest of the series was going to be pretty much the same. A sitcom about a mafia don, "The Sopranos" relies heavily on the juxtaposition of a mob boss and a sensitive family man in the same character (Gandolfini) for its "it ain't easy being a don" backbone with sufficient violence and tit-ilators to whet the male interest and enough "I'm in touch with my feminine side" family stuff to appeal to the females. However, the characters are corny cliches from the grumbling mom to Chris, "Pussy", and the other "wise guys" and trying the straddle the comedy/drama divide diluted the efficacy in each genre making it too obvious, too pat, and too much a formula product. Nonetheless, you can't argue with success and with Emmys and accolades from all corners, "The Sopranos" will not be denied; at least not by prime time tv audiences looking for some no brainer entertainment. Film buffs and those into serious drama might want to give "Street Time" a try. (B)