• Warning: Spoilers

    "S.S. Camp 5: Women's Hell" concerns itself with race relations, abortion, medical experiments, mass female showering and other important issues while telling the tale of prisoners in a Nazi prison. Female prisoners of course. The good looking ones are sent to be prostitutes. The not so glamorous ones are sent to be medical experiments. Their favorite experiment was pouring oil onto the leg of a prisoner and setting it on fire. See, that way the doctors can look at the burn wound and see if they can heal it. Or else it was all for the viewers pleasure so he can see a female scream in pain.

    Yes, it was another lowdown Naziploitation movie. I won't rest until I've seen them all. They are all so unbelievably slimy. Naziploitation flicks are women's prison movies except they have the Nazi stigma drenched over them. I feel dirty after watching them. I'm almost ashamed to admit having seen it. Almost!

    This one was a little tame. On the plus side, there was nudity and two mass shower scenes. There is a decent torture scene and a couple of unnecessary medical experiment scenes. So that's good. But all of the sex scenes were weak. The women weren't that attractive and there was no gratuitous girl/girl action. I mean, the female warden should be horny. Am I wrong? She wasn't. Nor was she overly sadistic. Ilsa, we needed you for this one. Worth a peek though if you love a good, wholesome Nazi prison flick.