• This is one of the starbangers series that started with Savannah taking 6 or 8 guys at once. In this one the sturdy and reliable Samantha Strong does the same. I'm not much for More that 3 at a time sex, it tends to end up watching guys butts too much. The best part of this flick is after the sex is over, the camera keeps rolling and the director interviews Samantha. He comments that toward the end she got quite wild and she replies "That was when I was really getting into it". She also says "When you're getting f**ked by 8 guys, you're really gonna get f**ked!" Then he offers to take her to dinner and she declines saying she has to get home to her husband. I don't know why but I found this the most intriguing part of the film. Maybe it's because it shows the actress as a human being rather than just a rutting robot. Sam is a busty girl with a big butt. I love that about her, but she not for the folks that think of Calista Flockhart as their idea of beauty.