• Warning: Spoilers

    Though I`m not much of a SF fan I really like the speculative fiction genre where an ecological disaster befalls humanity , a great example being John Christopher`s haunting 1956 novel THE DEATH OF GRASS which was turned into the 1970 film NO BLADE OF GRASS . ICE however isn`t up to much. The idea of solar flares causing a new ice age to envelope the northern hemisphere just doesn`t ring true . Neither does the fact that the captain of the Submarine works out that Doctor Kesseler`s group are not who they say they are but still allows them on his ship . Obviously the screenwriter doesn`t understand this type of survivalist genre where human nature descends into its most primitive and barbaric. Despite being an extremely unpleasant film THE CRAZIES manages to convey the horror of killing in order to survive life threatening circumstances as does NO BLADE OF GRASS . Here ICE ends on they all lived happily ever after as the survivors sail on the sub to a new life in a warmer climate where no doubt the natives will welcome them with open arms . Seeing as this TVM has the feel of a pilot I`m glad it didn`t get commisioned as a series