• When I wrote my review of the _KOR_ OVA series, 11 months ago, I mentioned that although it was RELEASED after the TV series ended, it TAKES PLACE before the last two TV episodes (47 and 48). But it gets even better: since then, I have purchased AnimEigo's excellent boxed DVD set of the OVAs and first movie, and have learned that the OVAs were released not only after the TV series, but AFTER THE FIRST MOVIE as well. This makes utterly no sense, especially if you watch the three things in AnimEigo's "official" order (TV, OVA, first movie). Maybe Studio Pierrot and Toho released the OVAs when they did in order to soothe those fans who were suffering from the outcome of the first movie, but it's still confusing.

    Discovering this reminded me that I didn't mention the correct chronological order in my review. So if you want to watch the entire _KOR_ series in the order the story takes place, here it is:

    (1) TV series, episodes 1-46 (2) OVA series (3) TV series, episodes 47-48 (4) First movie (_I Want to Return to that Day_) (5) Second movie (_New Kimagure Orange Road: Summer's Beginning_)