• 23 April 2002
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was very surprised to read a number of positive reviews on this list.

    Shaft is unfortunately typical of the new modern action movie, Face off, The Rock, Con Air, etc. Basically a ludicrously stupid plot with the beyond impossible happening, yet plenty of explosions and the good guys winning through against the odds.

    Before I go on, I have to mention Robert Havard's review. To claim that Titanic and Saving Private Ryan are masterpiece's is bad enough, but Shaft, are you joking.

    Fortunately I saw the movie on TV, so I didn't waste any money and I actually turned off before the end, as the plot was pointless. The problem with this movie and the others I have mentioned is you have to have some kind of realism. Dirty Harry, although it stretched the limit slightly, it still remained a solid film with very believable characters. Shaft is Judge Dredd, he can beat up and kill whoever he wants, break numerous laws and yet is liked and supported by the Police. The Police who help him, for some bizarre loyalty, obviously have no other crimes to deal with, so just spend there time helping Shaft harass and murder anyone he pleases.


    The first scene, now, in front of about 20 people the ‘bad guy' is openly antagonistic and racist, he then follows the victim outside on a major street and beats him to death. Now, you're telling me that there was only one witness. Anyway, Shaft then punches the ‘bad guy' twice in front of his superiors and the TV cameras, so Shaft would have been arrested on the spot, put in prison, sued and certainly wouldn't be allowed back on the Police force.

    Next scene, Shaft sees an alleged criminal eating his dinner, so he then assaults this man with a basketball and arrests him for no reason. Hmmm, lawsuit, discipline procedures. Now if I tell you both these incidences are just the tip of the iceberg, you can see where the film goes from there. Shaft then goes on to murder a number of other people as a civilian, with the backing of the local Police force. I think a riot would ensue.

    Anyway as I said I didn't get any further.

    I can only assume the people liking these types of movies, just violence and eye candy, no story or plausibility, are 14 years old and under or people who are much less demanding than me.