• The idea was very clever; the director was one of the best in Spain; the cast was stellar, putting together some of the most famous comedians in the country; even the song that came with it was a huge hit in the Spanish charts! It couldn't fail, could it? Yet it did.

    Because this was supposed to be a comedy, but it doesn't have a single laugh-worthy joke. Seriously. I really wanted to enjoy it, because I'm a fan of all the main players involved (de la Iglesia, Segura, Wyoming, Angulo), but I found myself staying silent throughout the whole thing. The problem is probably that the comedy is so black, that it's not comedy any more. It just isn't funny. But it doesn't work as a tragic drama either, because the story is so exaggerated and so absurd, that it's impossible to take it seriously. So it simply doesn't work at all. A pity of wasted talent.