• Okay, this is the most unaccurate bible movie I've ever seen, and I've seen quite a few. I was laughing pretty hard, too, and if MST3k ever comes back, I hope they MST this movie!

    First of all, Lot, who will be one of Noah's sons, is out there with Noah in the sea, and somehow manages to find him in the vast ocean, and then he tries to pirate his ship. For you Bible illiterates, Lot was not born until AFTER the flood.

    Second of all, God, who sounds like an old friend of mine, told Noah he was going to die to keep the evil out of his world for ever. Noah then does an incredibly cheasy dance that makes God laugh, and then he lets him go.

    Third of all, God uses about 50 cliches, all of which were born within the last 25 years, not the last 64,000 years!

    This movie, as I say in the subject, probably has Falwell and his followers in a rampage, ready to strangle the daylights out of the writers.

    Before I go:

    "Well, they found Noah's Ark. Did you hear this? Yup. It was found in a dumpster behind NBC studios!"

    --Jay Leno