• I started watching "Can't be Heaven" just to see what Ralph Macchio looks like these days, and was gradually hooked into this latter-day "Wonder Years" story line. This film is a refreshing escape from the typical hard-pounding hip hop garbage that dominates teen-theme films today. Ralph Macchio offers a fine, understated performance while Diane Ladd brings realism and feeling to a role often wrought by overacted stereotype. By the end of the film, it feels all right to believe that Danny (Bryan Burke) can burn on the sax like jazz legend Red Holloway, who provides the smooth Chicago sound. Jazz fans will notice that Macchio's character, Hubbie, is also a jazz man from the "Windy City". "Can't be Heaven" is truly a sweet surprise, stocked with a surprisingly familiar cast. Pick up some goodies from your local Italian bakery and settle in for some smiles and tears, all worth the effort.