• the NWO was by far my favorite angle in the history of wrestling. they were so funny,and so cool. now that the

    original NWO isn't there,wcw is often a bore. the show

    hardly ever starts off with a bang. it almost always starts out with some boring match with wrestlers you could

    less about. however wcw has the best wrestlers in the world,it's just a shame that over half of them are wasted.

    hulk hogan returning back to his red,and yellow gimmick

    was a fun idea at first,but quickly got old. they need to

    turn him back into a heel once again. he's funny as a heel. i still watch the show in hopes that it can be as

    good as it was when the original NWO was there,but it never happens. but some shows are still good. only once in

    a great while now does nitro have a better show than raw,and i really,truly mean once in a great while. when

    the NWO was there this show got a 9 1/2 usually,now the

    show gets a 5,but shows few and far between are as good as

    a 6 or a 7.