• Although this may seem a little far fetched, we are now hearing from several sources close to the situation that Ted Turner is seriously considering a return to the wrestling business.

    When AOL merged with Time Warner, Ted Turner signed several documents as he was losing more and more power within the company. One of the documents signed was that he could not compete against AOL Time Warner in the wrestling business. We have been told that agreement ends in March of 2005.

    In March of 2001, Brad Siegel and Jamie Kellner effectively killed WCW by canceling its programming off of TBS and TNT. The company was sold to WWE, which then gutted it.

    We have been told there is a five year no-compete for wrestling programming between AOL Time Warner and WWE, which would expire in March of 2006.

    Obviously with any wrestling promotion, you need a TV deal to really make it work. TNT has changed its image to the drama network so they are pretty much a no go. TBS though is wide open though and Kellner is no longer in charge. He was the main man behind getting rid of wrestling on the network.

    The word making the rounds is that Turner may already be laying down the foundation for a huge promotion with a TV deal. One source has even told us he has sent out feelers to both Steve Austin and Goldberg about being involved in the company if all goes as planned.