• Warning: Spoilers
    What a Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Terrible film. A pointless waste of celluloid. I have seen some bad films in my time but this just about took the p**s. I had listened to all the hype that surrounded the film and fell into the trap of paying £5 to go into the cinema and be bored senseless for however long I had to suffer (I lost interest after about half and hour) This film in no way is scary, a few sticks and piece of marshmallow is not pants wettingingly horrible. I sat through the whole film expecting a scary bit. I even tried to "let the fear wash over me" what a laugh. This isn't even so bad it's good.

    Blair witch makes a joke of good horror films that have been made without having to use expensive special effects. The only people who deserve a prize for this are the marketing people who had us believe that this is the best film ever.

    The characters were horrible and seemed to say the F word in every sentence. After they got into the woods I wanted them all killed by the witch. I hated everything about them, nothing endeared them to me, not even when a 20 foot snotty nose reared up in front of me.

    Spoilers below

    Now to the last 10 minutes, after one of them was dead ( who knows, who cares)The remaining two found a house and after a lot of shouting find a person standing in the basement then the camera falls over.

    Never in my life have I seen a cinema full of such puzzled and disappointed faces.

    End of spoilers

    Don't even bother wasting money on renting this you will only heart broken.

    If I could I wouldn't even give this 1/10