• Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this after the Tenchi Universe had ended,thinking the next series was going to be great too.After all,one good turn deserves another,right?Well,I'm sorry to say this series brought on nothing but grief.What did they do to the characters?The story about Tenchi leaving to Tokyo for school was a pretty good start,but it begins to go wrong there.He is suddenly treating Ryoko and Ayeka like crap,instead of treating them like long time friends.That especially includes the way he acted horribly toward Ryoko.Suddenly he was too good for them to be seen by his new friends.How did he get to be such a snob and a jerk in this series?He wasn't nasty and mean in the earlier series.He didn't even want them visiting his dorm no more.Funny,I remember him being somewhat smitten Ryoko in the Universe series.Then there's that chirpy,empty headed tramp written to the series to be Tenchi's girl,named Sakuya.She's a fine example of a Mary Sueism in many bad fanfics out there.She's an annoying,brain dead, goody two shoes type with a shrieky voice and bug eyes.Tenchi's new friends push them to be together,and Sakuya was always dropping in unexpectedly for breakfast and lunch.Or she was making plans for them both to go somewhere,even though he barely knows her to do so.He couldn't say no or resist?Obviously she's the fanfic author's work,the author being Sakuya. The author is obviously a immature teenager who wishes she could be with Tenchi,even though he really knows and likes Ryoko better.Sakuya is too perfect,too pretty and too well liked by the school to be believed.Obvious Mary Sueism mistakes,not to mention common ones in fanfics.At least Ayeka and Ryoko,hate her and aren't fooled by her charms in the same way.Too bad Sakuya is too dumb and blind to see why they hate her. If it wasn't students that were trying to push them,it was the demons which should have been a dead giveaway to him and others.Speaking of demons,the monsters popping up in various places look horribly done.They look like puppets,marionettes,or clay figures that were rotoscoped on,the effect being poor as a result.They couldn't create better,scarier monsters?Whats with different objects like cellphones becoming monsters anyways?It's stupid.I thought the dating scene between Ryoko and Tenchi was botched up to make her look horrible and wrong for Tenchi,which in itself was wrong.When Sakuya saw Tenchi and Ryoko together,and started crying she should have stayed away.But she came back and pestered him like a little dog.When Ryoko saw her and Tenchi hold hands and kiss,it broke her heart.I felt so bad for her being treated like s#$% and all.It's too bad she and Ayeka didn't kick her sorry,stupid @#$ earlier.I would've liked to brain her one myself,and give those stupid kids a wake up call as well.Soon the everyone is going their separate ways,except Ayeka.She tries to tell Tenchi what has happened,but he acts like he is having a friendly phone conversation instead.*(WARNING,SOME SPOILERS ARE AHEAD.DON"T READ UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN THE SHOW)*We soon discover that all this mess including Sakuya is caused by a vengeful girl,named Yugi.She wants to destroy the Juri family, for imprisoning her in a tomb so many years ago. Washu discovers Sakuya is a fake,but Tenchi has already fallen in love her,(Yugi's shadow).Feh,just like the love struck author wanted.They try to make us feel sorry for Sakuya,by revealing she has no parents and no memory of her life.Like we care?Then her friends she was so popular with,don't remember her at all.When Tenchi discovers but doesn't accept the truth,Yugi shows up before he can save her.She kills her and leaves Tenchi bawling, like a blubbering baby.This is what happens to many Mary Sueisms in bad fanfics.When they're too pretty,too popular,too perfect and too many characters like them,they are killed off.And the characters commonly found in the TV show or a movie,are left crying and sad over that Mary Sueism's death.In this case, the author had people forget about her and had Tenchi crying about her instead.Forget about how it ends,because the series was pulled before Cartoon Network could complete it.Probably because so many fans were disgusted,and abhorred how the popular series was mutilated like that.And before I forget,*(END OF SPOILERS)*.Their are some other things going on in the series I have questions about.Why did they give Ryoko a boyfriend,that looks remarkably like one of the characters from Hell Sing?That blond headed space pirate dude,with glasses looks cute.And what was up with the beginnings of how they met?Did said author of this hellish fanfic,ever bother watching the first and second series? Another movie I can think of that's like a fanfic,is the Inspector Gadget movie.This one has been skewered a bit too,it's not at all like the series.I hope we don't have anymore bad fanfics become TV shows,because they suck.There are some fanfics I wouldn't mind seeing become TV shows,as long as it compliments the series and not ruin it.Avoid this defiled version of Tenchi,and stick with the other two series.Watch this only to learn how you shouldn't write a fanfic.