• Warning: Spoilers
    This movie should not be taken seriously:it's kitsch terror ,Punch and Judy suspense :had John Waters directed a horror movie,this could have been this one ,Divine replacing Jennifer Tilly.

    That is to say that the movie owes everything to this actress and her co-star Gallo.A distant relative of Ida in "Motel Hell" (1980),Helene is hilarious: a complete bubble head girl ,singing silly ditties ,treating her victim as a big doll.What's really amazing is WHY Gallo's character -who is a scientist after all- could have married her!But the screenplay can spare an implausibility!Helene is almost a comic relief,and when she's with the poor soon-to-be mother,we do not know if we've got to be afraid or to laugh;never seen such an exasperating jailer!Matching her every step of the way is Vincent' Gallo's portrayal

    of her moody husband :too bad they cut the force-feeding sequence;I'm not so sure people would appreciate foie gras afterward.

    SPOILER SPOILER When Gallo dies,the movie falls apart.The strength -so to speak- of this gruesome farce was in their team.Tilly is left on her own to shout and screech and demolish and knock about -how she did it to Greenwood is another of the improbabilities- to no avail.Anyway,Greenwood's scenes reduce tension :obviously they did not interest the director at all.

    One is really tempted to give an extra notch for chutzpah value in the first hour.