• Warning: Spoilers
    The makers of this movie had to really stretch to make this work. Some things that bugged my partner and I about it: Anne tries to flag down a driver on a lonely country road and the driver DOES NOT STOP! Absurd given the part of the world she is in. Of course they would stop! Also, the doctor doesn't report the suspicious pregnant woman? The diaper service lady doesn't gossip? The husband is brushing his teeth and just stands there half listening to the answering machine? "Gee, that sort of sounds like my wife. I'd better just stand right here and half listen to it just in case it isn't. . . " The detective doesn't believe him and hangs up? And the director had to make sure that for some strange reason Anne's chains were abnormally long or the last scene just wouldn't work. Also, how is it that after all the beating and starving and drugging that the baby would be normal? It was just stretch after stretch after stretch. You get tired of shouting: "Oh, come ON!" after awhile. I loved Tilly in Bullets Over Broadway, but she's trying way too hard.