• Warning: Spoilers
    Warning: Possible spoilers!!!

    Judd Nelson delivers a captivating performance as Stanly. A seemingly quiet writer working on a screenplay about a serial killer who kidnaps teenage girls, drowning them, and then visiting their dead bodies in his "Garden of flesh." Stanly's only problem is that he's developed writer's block and isn't sure how to add that certain touch of "realism" to his screenplay. To fix this dilemma, Stanly ultimately becomes the Sadistic killer in his screenplay to gain ideas to perfect is "work of art." For Stanly, all seems to be going well... until he meats his match. Malory.

    Malory is a smart, outgoing girl with a strong will and one major weakness... She's afraid of water! What would happen if you mixed true fear with a true phobia? A perfect twist to his story! Stanly sees Malory as the perfect opportunity to complete his "Garden" and his screenplay.

    Stanly kidnaps her and let's Malory sink down into the lake's dark water. He rides away on his boat. As far as he's concerned his screenplay is finished. What he doesn't know, however, is that he dropped her right over some deep water divers. Malory is saved by the deputy sheriff and out of harms way...For now. What will happen when Stanly realizes she's gone? watch the movie and find out.