• I just saw a free "prescreening" of this movie at the Motion Picture Association screening room in Washington DC. Apparently this movie is being re-released. Don't know if it's any different from the version released last year, which I didn't see. Anyway, I highly recommend it. This is a movie for adults, with interesting characters, fine performances by Robert Forster, Donnie Wahlberg and Bess Armstrong in the leads, and an entertaining, unpredictable storyline about a 60-ish wholesale diamond salesman (Forster) who has to break in a 20-ish rookie salesman (Wahlberg) to take over his job servicing jewelry stores throughout central Pennsylvania. Armstrong plays a masseuse and sometime prostitute who becomes the love interest of the older man.

    This is one of those quirky "small" films with no big name stars, which probably won't do nearly as well at the box office as it deserves to. It focuses on character development and telling a story, with no special effects or shoot-outs or car crashes. I was most surprised by Donnie Wahlberg, who showed himself to be a much more attractive and nuanced actor than his more famous brother Mark.

    Go see this if it opens at a theater near you. If it ends up going quickly to video, then rent it. You won't be sorry.