• Warning: Spoilers
    I have to say, I thought this was one of the best movie's I'd seen in a long time back when it came out. It's a shame the producers chose to use perhaps the worst marketing ploy in the history of film.

    Sharon Pogue (Jennifer Lopez) is a lonely woman in Chicago with no real life to speak of. She is estranged from her family, has problems with insomnia, and her only friends are the people she works with. Enter Catch (Jim Caviezel), a shy, quiet man who saves Sharon's life. They both seem to have problems with insomnia and reclusive behavior. They start a cat and mouse game - she brings him to her apartment, he seems to want to leave, he wants to come back, she tries to kiss him, he doesn't want to be kissed. She stands him up, he gets upset, then he doesn't seem to care; so, she follows him into his apartment, etc. It seems like it would get repetetive, but the story is actually quite good.

    Lopez gives a good performance, probably second only to her portrayal of Karen Sisco in Out Of Sight. Caviezel is good at these sort of parts, and seems to be in danger of being stereotyped as "the guy that weird stuff happens to". People often complain that the two of them have no chemistry together, not realizing that this is the whole point - their relationship is made intentionally akward by director Luis Mandoki, most likely to make it seem all the more impressive that they still want to be with each other.

    I have one big problem with the advertising, and two smaller problems. They tried to make this seem like some sort of cop thriller - it is not. You'd think by watching the trailer that Catch is a menacing person, the opposite of what the character really is. They should have made this film out to be what it really is - a chick flick about an unlikely couple with no chemistry who love each other enough to stick with each other anyway. Consequently, the film only brought in about $24 million.

    Which brings me to my second problem, the budget. Why did this take $38 million to make? I noticed that this was released by Warner Brothers, and distributed by two different production companies, internationally. That was unnecessary. They could have easily made just as good a film for a lower budget. Even with Lopez's $9 million paycheck, the rest could have been shot for $5 million, putting the total budget at $14 million.

    Also, Catch seems a bit too spacey. There perhaps should have been more attempts to humanize him, which could have been done without killing the aura of despair around him. I also didn't get the sex scene - the character didn't seem like the type to have sex with someone after only a few weeks.[End spoiler]

    Despite these last few problems, I rated this film very highly, as it is one of my favorites. I just noticed the bad parts from watching it so many times. Don't be fooled by the advertising - is it worth seeing.