• `Dlug' is a psychological thriller/drama based on a true story. Two young entrepreneurs from Warsaw wanted to start up manufacturing of Italian scooters in Poland but they needed money in order to get things going. After the bank refused to provide them with a loan, they thought their whole plan would never work out. Then Stefan met an old friend of his Gerard and things changed drastically. At first Gerard promised that he would help them out financially with a loan. The two young soon-to-be businessmen were excited about this prospect yet they later decided that he was asking for too much share in their future profits and dropped the proposal. This is where things took a turn for the worse. Gerard started harassing them for the money that he never lent them, saying that he was already too far into the negotiation process to back out. Everyday it got worse as Adam and Stefan found out that Gerard was obviously a member of the mafia. He tormented and threatened them to the point where they did not know what to do. They knew the police was helpless because they couldn't even provide the law enforcers with the man's last name- and what charges could they file against him without any evidence? As this is a true story, it must have its real life consequences. The two men Adam and Stefan are currently in jail with sentences for 20 years imprisonment each…how did this happen you might ask? Watch the movie to find out. This film is primarily about right and wrong choices, about what one will do when under pressure, without a straight-forward way out, without hope. This movie is one after which the audience will leave the cinema and talk about for weeks. It deals with real places, real life people, and the atmosphere that director Kszysztof Krauze has captured is eerie and enthralling. The acting is magnificent and the camera work makes it look very realistic. I personally recommend this movie to everyone who wants a movie-going experience that they will remember for a long time. But be warned- this is by no means a film for the faint-hearted.