• Warning: Spoilers
    Although Atlantis is reasonably good, it lacks the certain Disney magic of just a few years ago. Some of the characters are a little 2 dimensional and unlikeable, but only because they are given few chances to develop. Although there are supposed to be 13 main characters only 2 are really focused on (Milo and Princess Kida)

    The companies animation skills improve with each film and this is no exception to the rule. Some of the computer animation is very impressive and make the action sequences that much better. However nice animation doesn't make up for a dull script and lifeless characters.

    spoilers below.

    Now is it me or are Disney trying to come up with more Gruesome ways for the baddies to die. Usually it involves falling off a building into the cloud never to be seen again. Recently I have seen plummeting into flame, being hung (if accidentally) and in this case being frozen and then chopped into a thousand pieces by spinning blades.

    Lets hope the next "Classic" recaptures some of the flair and originality of early and mid-nineties Disney films