• Imagine something like Legend of Zelda on the SNES - but without the cuteness. Imagine we're in a gothic world, a dark world with humans, sorcerers, ghosts, monsters... and vampires.

    Now imagine the "hero" not as some goody two-shoes, but as a bitter anti-hero, a person sick of his world, of the evil committed by the people living in it. The main character, murdered in the beginning of the game. Even in death, hungering for bloody revenge.

    You are that man. You are Kain. Undead, your power, and your hatred, are growing.

    Excellent voice acting. Over the top, perhaps, but it suits the larger-than-life happenings and intrigues.

    The graphics were adequate, but nothing exceptional, even for the time when it was first released. Does it matter? No! What matters is that it has good gameplay, and a really good story on top of it, complemented with excellent voice acting.