• Going into this movie I had no clue what to expect, other than a solid performance from Val Kilmer, which he delivered. What I found was a very different character (or rather 2) than I would expect him to portray.

    His Danny Parker was a seemingly unstable 'tweaker', riddled with drugs, reflective, having only one goal in mind and not taking s**t from anyone...yet in his flashbacks as Tom Van Allen he was more laid back, totally in love, selfless and sensitive. Throughout the film I couldn't help but see similarities to Guy Pearce's character in Memento, with the struggle to avenge his wife's death, questionable people they encounter along the way, and the fact that they both see things in a surreal light (one being quasi-amnesic, the other 'tweaked' out on 'gack'); but none of these made Salton Sea any less entertaining or enjoyable.

    Vincent D'Onofrio played a great character in cracked-out, paranoid drug dealer Pooh Bear. And as always, you can never help but smile at Luis Guzman's character, even when he's yelling at and beating up his girlfriend.

    Overall I found The Salton Sea to be very thought-provoking, with great dialogue, intelligent/slighty sarcastic narration that is reminiscent of that in Fight Club (dare I even make that comparison?), and a depth and heaviness to it that continuously draws you in as the movie progresses.

    Oh yeah...love the tatoos. 9/10 - rent it tonight.