• i had no expectations before watching this movie. I've heard very little about it but what i have heard was it was just plain bad. I honestly just watched it because Guy Pearce was in it, but if there is one thing we've learnt from watching Pearce's films is that he takes the complex unoridinary films and this is no exception. Firstly lets start with the plot. From reading other reviews you already know Pearce is a doctor and his leading lady has amnesia, but the film is so much more then that. Pearce's character goes back to where he grew up to barry his father and goes on a journey to recover the past that he never dealt with. It's truley an amazing story about the tragedy one boy experiances in his youth and how it has affected his life thus. Don't take my word for it and don't listen to all of those who have said the movie was bad or made no sense, watch it for yourself and you will see this is another one of Pearce's masterpeices.