• What else can I say but brilliant. True to it's word Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone kept close to the book. Chris Columbus and the rest of the crew clearly listened to JK Rowling when they were making this. Obviously changes had to be made to the story or we could have ended up with a film of more than 3 hours. Nearly every scene was what I pictured it would be. The special effects were fantastic and the game of Quidditch was very spectacular. All the characters fitted effortlessly into the film and every actor was suited to the part they played. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson were perfect as are three heroes, but every other actor involved helped to bring the book to life, however brief their appearance.

    If you haven't read the books then I recommend you do so before or after seeing the film. However the film does speak for itself and people who haven't read this book won't be lost. I won't give away the ending to anyone who doesn't know what happens.

    Adults and kids alike will enjoy this, I did and I'm not under 12. Overall a wonderfully entertaining film which made me laugh in places and had me leaving the cinema feeling satisfied.

    8/10 Role on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets