• One of countless youth feuilletons produced in Belgium in the sixties and seventies. A lot of young Belgian actors made their first appearance, most notably Jan Decleir as the villainous Odo (No, not the changeling from Star Trek), who wants to conquer the lands of Neropal. Neropal is divided in four parts: Boltania, Keromar, Tupistan and the Moon Valley. Odo and his Bolts already conquered Tupistan and Keromar. The Kerts are trying overthrow the Bolts again, but their only hope lies in the use of a rare metal called finroen.

    The most surprising about Keromar is neither the story, nor the actors (although Jan Decleir, Rik Andries, Senne Rouffaer and the others try their best) It's the music. I was thoroughly surprised to hear that Ennio Morricone's music was included in Keromar. "Once upon a time in the west", "Sixty seconds to what?", "The good, the bad and the ugly" and so on and so on. Just like in those spaghetti westerns, it helps to set the right atmosphere and make this one reasonably watchable.

    Rating: 3/5