• There I was, recently watching cable when I saw what appeared to be another no-budget movie shot in Florida to show people naked at a nudist colony. It looked like it was shot in the 1980's on Super 16. Campy, campy, campy.

    Then, with so many naked old people in it, I quickly changed the channel (my blinds were open, didn't need my neighbors seeing me watch something that stupid).

    And now I'm flipping through cable tonight and see the same guy (star of the show) and see he's with the hot actress Jamie Presley. At this point, I think I'm seeing what I missed last time. Then, I see Vince Vaughn. Vince Vaughn??

    Then it hits me: How is Vince and Jamie in a cheesy 80's movie???

    Upon quick research of my digital cable, I soon discover that this is actually a series for Showtime.

    And I think to myself: Who approved this show and why did Vince Vaughn and Jamie Presley do this?? Even funnier, they got Scott Rosenberg (writer of the recent "Gone in 60 Seconds") to put his name on it.

    Also, there are quick "freezes" of the video during scenes. Don't know what that is, but it's distracting as hell.

    Folks, this show makes "Sherman Oaks" look like "The West Wing."