• 10 December 2003
    Quite why I haven't commented on this before is beyond me, but still, here I am

    Put simply, Finding Nemo is a brilliant film with funny and endearing characters that are a joy to watch. Pixar have again pushed the boundaries of computer animation to bring us a realistic yet still cartoonish film that will appeal to anyone from 3 to 103. I'm sure most people's favourite bit was the whale speak by Dory, which had me in stitches. However other little incidents in the film really made me laugh so much. When the little baby fish falls off the sponge bed is so typical of how children react when they hurt themselves. The animators and writers at Pixar really know how to capture the way people react to situations. All the little facial expressions throughout the film are beautifully animated.

    The water effects must have been tremendously difficult to achieve, but they are fantastic. The lighting changes that were required really help set the mood of a scene, even when Marlin and Dory were inside the whale. The story although basic was successfully pulled off with no dip in any of the action. The story kept going when it shifted between Marlin's desperate attempt to locate his son, and Nemo's dispair of being alone with no one to look after him except the new collection of strange friends in the dentist fish tank.

    Overall I give it 10/10 because it was great. I can't wait for The Incredibles next year, I'm sure it will be just as good.