• Keeping up with the standard Disney fair, heartstrings are pulled, comic side kicks abound, and funny looking computer animated characters are created once again.. Is it any good? Well It seems to be fairly good for kids and adults alike..

    Take a tree sloth, a wooly mammoth, and a sabertooth tiger who end up adopting a child in hopes to return it to some humans tribe. While the animation looks great and some of the voices are a perfect match (particularly Ray Romano as the Mammoth), there is still a lot of formulaic plotting meant to sheepishly tug at your heartstrings.. The animation is quite good, particularly a running repeating montage involving a squirrel like character and his desire to crack an acorn throughout the film. There are also some pot shot humour that is clearly aimed at kids, (gags involving doo doo) and adults alike (We have to be the most screwed up herd in history)..

    So I guess all in all it turns out ok, but not a good picture, yet not a bad one either

    Rating 6.5 out of 10