• I liked the film more than I expected to. I gave it 7 stars of 10. I do not enjoy the Rugrats type characters. The teen girl has the least irritating animation. I find the funny heads distracting and the wild child baffling. I did like the environmental consciousness of the story but I too wish African continent films gave African people credit for being "in charge". Still the story does support protecting wildlife so it has good points.

    The little girl I took to see the film is 5 1/2 years old and she loved it. She was all excited about the "Wedgie dance" which I found rather vulgar. Again I wish that children's films didn't make vulgar humor so engaging. I will probably take her and a little friend to see the next film if it gets good reviews but only if it plays down the "potty" humor stuff that Rugrats seem to glorify even more. The scenery in this reminded me of Lion King. The music was very enjoyable and I will probably buy the CD for my little friend to listen to.