• It's not that Ellen isn't funny. She is! It isn't that she's "that way." She is. And I couldn't even tell you if the show was well written or well directed. Why? Because the laughtrack drove me away. This has got to be the most obnoxious laughtrack since those used on Bewitched and its ilk where stirring coffee, combing one's hair, or raising an eyebrow were met with ROARS of laughter. Ellen! Stop. Fire whoever is responsible! The wife and I tried going back to the show a few times but didn't last but a minute before the toxic laughtrack drove us back like a smell that would not go away. Ellen, please visit Shepherd of the Hills church. Our pastor is FUNNY. No laughtrack. Listen in to me and my buddy. We're FUNNY. No laugh track (and when we'er not, there's no laughter). Or you just might remember being on stage. You're funny, the audience (a REAL audience) laughs. When you're not, silence.