• If you could manage to catch the Ellen Show on TV it was really funny. Ellen always makes us laugh and Cloris Leachman is still a hoot decades after Mary Tyler Moore.

    The reason this show failed is because A) the networks never promoted it and B) they could never decide on a day and time to broadcast it.

    It was so damn annoying to try and figure out what day and time it was on! All my friends and family love Ellen and WANTED to watch this show but someone much more powerful obviously had other ideas. Sometimes it was aired twice a week on different days at different times and then it would disappear for a few weeks and magically reappear for 30 minutes and then just fade away again. If I were Ellen I'd be pretty darn angry about how my talent was treated...

    I hope this comes out on DVD soon. I know several buyers. I noticed on Ebay that someone in England is selling all 18 eps on video. But I don't want video. Of course, what I really want is to know if her Mom really did have a cat... :)