• Having heard absolutely nothing about this show beforehand (I lead a very sheltered life), imagine my astonishment when the theme song and opening credits came on the TV in the gym. I stared incredulously at the monitor as the premise for the show slowly sank in. Under the guise of doing bench presses, I watched the show in it's entirety. What a great idea for a show. It's so stupid and unbelievable that it's brilliant. The humor was very sharp, with a cynical edge. In being a show about teenagers (clones they may be), the opportunity to shred on other serious teenage shows is available, and the writers readily take advantage of this. When a particularly sad and poignant scene occurred in the episode I viewed, the theme music from Dawson's Creek played briefly. I was amused.

    I also thoroughly enjoyed to historical aspect of the show, skewed though it was. Of course Gandhi would be a party animal and Joan of Arc would be goth if they were teenagers in modern day society. It just makes sense. I highly recommend this show to those who liked Daria, as I did. It's humor is witty instead of being slapstick, which is refreshing in an animated series aimed at a more adult audience. The premise kind of reminded me of that theoretical question, "If you could have a dinner party with any historical figures, who would you invite?". Just tweak it a bit to make it "If you could go to high school with any historical figures, who would you hang out with?" Great idea. I will watch this show again.