• Is it just me or is this show really..bad? It tries Way too hard to be like Seinfeld, but nothing will ever be that good. I think Julia Louis Dreyfuss is very talented, but I think she is much better in a supporting role, especially as Elaine. The first half of the show (of the first episode) wasn't bad, but then it took a terrible turn for the worst. I mean come on, is this the best you can come up with? Its basically stupid slap stick comedy, which is probably because the writing is so bad. It was also very boring. I liked how they had a clock in the corner, it came in very handy when I could tell how long I had left in watching this unfunny series. I'm sorry Julia. You should have done a Seinfeld Spin-off. Learn from Kelsey Grammer. He wanted to do a show after Cheers about a guy in an accident that has people wait around on him and be his helpers. But another guy told him to keep the character of Fraiser. Now look at him. He's making millions PER EPISODE.