• this movie has been done before many times, so parents, you know if it's something your kids would like. if they like comedies and are into sports, but not enough to know that much of what happens in the movie isn't legal in basketball. i saw it with my younger cousin, who's 7, and he loved it, but i'm guessing no one older than 10 or 11 would really like it that much. sure there is something there for slightly older kids, a few jokes that are pretty funny, but not enough to keep them really interested in the movie. it's pretty much just slap stick and catch phrases and "heart warming fun". lil, or i guess he's just bow wow now, did a really good job though.

    the one thing that suprised me besides bow wow's acting was that they never did the whole "it's not really the shoes" preaching thing. sure, the shoes broke in the end, with 10 seconds to go, but no one ever said "it wasn't the shoes! you had it in you all along, you just never knew it! all you had to do is believe in yourself and you could make your dreams come true! now go out there and try your best!" ...which is a good thing, i guess, because that gets kind of annoying