• Aw Jeez, everyone here in germany tries to convince me that this pile of awfulness is actually a funny German comedy. Its definitely not. I had already a bad feeling about this affair,when I watched the crappy trailer. From the BAD "Matrix"-Parody in the intro-animation to the Alfons Hatler-Character (possibly the worst impersonator of the Fuehrer since the original), its just terrible.

    When I watched the movie, it was clear very soon, that I had seen the best scenes already in the trailer. D'oh ! I understand,that Bastian Pastewka and Oliver Kalkhofe tried to make this movie in true "so bad,its good"-fashion, but its just "so bad, eliminate everyone involved.".

    oh yeah,one final note to the "artists": East-German Accents are not funny. Ten years ago,maybe, but now ? Shame on you. (and your parents). ;-)