• Warning: Spoilers
    With the right editing, this could have been a really nice movie. And then Stephen King fans and probably Stephen King would have had a fit. There were several possible escapes that would have made it more 'Pygmalion' than 'Pygbloodian.' This Carrie was (except with her mother) sweeter and more attractive than the first, and you really want everything to go right for her when she has that special night. You see, I'm not a Stephen King fan. Had I turned it off at the right moment, I would have found it quite satisfying. It still was, but not in the way I would have wanted. Don't read any more if you didn't read the novel or see the original movie. This one starts with the investigation of something terrible that happened, though it takes a while for you to know just what is going on as the mystery slowly unfolds between flashbacks. Finally you know people died, possibly as a result of a prank. The climactic scene, in fact, was much more effective since it didn't happen as quickly or as neatly. There were sprinklers in the gym; that actually worked to Carrie's advantage. From there, picture Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdicts. The sweet girl from earlier in the movie has definitely disappeared. But the ending was a little different. A sequel seems more logical to this one; that's all I can say.