• Under the Tuscan Sun is truly a fun, beautiful film that delivers what so many others, Monster's Ball, In the Bedroom, etc., tried to, but missed horribly. Lane shines brighter than ever, and her delicate realism connects with even the most skeptical viewer. While the story is a bit stretched, it is easily overlookable when one considers the breathtaking scenery and light but powerful acting. Where Monster's Ball and In the Bedroom tried to pull heart-string with wrenching pain, unsuccessfully, Under the Tuscan Sun appeals more to the viewer's sense of self. It makes you consider what you are missing in your daily life, and reminds one that life has a certain charm that is not to be ignored.

    I would strongly recommend Under the Tuscan Sun to any adult viewer. I believe that anyone with half a brain would find it more than satisfying. Truly Oscar worthy.