• Summerslam 2002 suffered the same consequences as the previous pay per view suffered and that was the lack of creativity in the bookings.

    Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio was by far one of the most entertaining matches only because of the uniqueness of the match. Many of the other matches are bland and repetitive.

    The Un-Americans in a great gimmick but they need a larger group than just three members to be an opposing threat and to be a credible force in the WWE.

    Overall this pay per view is a 6 out of a possible 10. The crowd seemed dead throughout the event until the last two matches (thats what you get for giving a pay per view to Islanders fans)and the entrance stage was less then stellar. For being the second biggest event of the year, the stage should have been almost as stellar as that of Wrestlemania to create a grand atmosphere.

    WWE really screwed up on a possibility to boost ratings.