• This is a very difficult film to comment on. Visually it is stunning. The pain and suffering of Jesus is graphically displayed throughout the film and the imagery will certainly have you wincing a few times during the whipping and eventual cruxifiction scene. However it won't be in the sort of grossed out way then a laugh afterwards to convince yourself that it isn't real. This isn't the sort of film where you can just laugh off the gory bit.

    Whether or not you believe it in a religious way or not, it is very disconcerting to think that a man called Jesus could have existed and that he was treated so mercilessly. Personally I don't think that Mel Gibson has gone out to just impress the audience, that's why it is difficult to say whether it is good or bad. It just tells a story, yet in a very thought provoking way. However if the hype of the gore and religion is taken away, the film really isn't that good. The pacing is slow and the repetitive use of the same kind of shot can be annoying. As a film in it's own right it is nothing special.

    The fact that there isn't a word of English spoken in the entire film is not actually a weird thing. I wasn't put off by the Aramaic and could easily follow the story. The performances were very believable and I was very moved by Maia Morgenstern as Mary. Rosalinda Celentano was also very disturbing as Satan. The visual of Satan as an almost inhuman yet still human being was very unsettling, she really suited the part. I've given it 3 because I can't call it good or bad, it's really something that has to been seen for anyone to make a sound judgement on it. Be warned though, it really does deserve it's 18 certificate, it can be quite gory it places and doesn't hold back on the suffering that Jesus goes through