• The length of this short film is no longer than a long commercial, which you, if you notice the characters product, can have a little laugh about.

    But the film is probably about the Movies all members of the crew is From ,LOTR. And as the tagline says "it's all about Collaboration", and Astin give it a twist, it's not Viggo, Elijah, Liv, Sean, Cristopher or one of the Ians we see in the film. No he takes the crew, the unknown people behind the camera, or wigs and makeup, and makes them the stars and makes the Stars from LOTR crew, great fun. Even Peter Jackson has a cameo in the film.

    The Film is with out words, just people thinking alike and helping each other with out exchanging words. Collaboration.

    I enjoyed it, both because of the story of the crew and cast, and because it is a short and lovable story.