• A sweet little film, no question. The message "Help others for a change" becomes quite clear pretty early on.

    But what I really liked about it was the story behind it: All of the cast and crew were on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and cut their spare time short to make this idea of Sean Astin possible. That amazes me, but it also shows that the togetherness of the Lord of the Rings crew was really there big time and is not, like so often, empty sales-babble and evasive interview answers. I am absolutely sure that this film is a small gem for those crew members who were concerned with it and that it conveys very intense emotions and memories from the time the Lord of the Rings was shot. The film is dedicated to the late Brian Bansgrove, who inspired it, as Sean Astin says on the Two Towers DVD, and I think that he can be very proud of being remembered in such a sweet way.

    From the technical point of view, criticism can be given in some areas (for example there's nobody to sell the fruit or the whole no-lines-attitude might be interpreted as film school sneer), but who am I to criticise such efforts? The circumstances under which The Long and Short of It was made clearly leave not much space for improvements, and the director's performance in the Lord of the Rings shows his talent. So my point is clear: A precious little side dish, small nut nonetheless delicioius, a must have seen for PJ Fans, a should have seen for many. And its message is one that should be heard more often these days.