• When I picked up the Two Towers DVD I was very pleasantly surprised when I noticed in the extras this gem. I found it quite amusing, I suppose to the heights of the certain characters and how when you all get together, you can accomplish anything…even maybe just putting up a car advertisement that none of them could really afford, anyways. Besides that, I think the storyline was the best. It was clever, witty, and so similar, if not really, a silent movie, and just let the actions do the talking. The music was well received, also. One of the writing successes had to be the title. That was one of the wittiest titles for a short film I have ever seen! Or a full feature, to be precise.

    Although, the best part had to be when Peter Jackson was the bus driver, and there was so many references to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It never really hurts to pimp yourself, does it?

    Sean does an excellent job, and I do hope him much more success in his film making endeavours. Sean is quickly becoming one of my favourite movie actor's, never mind writing and such. Amazing! I love this!

    Kat =^..^